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 What is it about getting to know are favorite artists that we love and admire so much? Could it be the mere fact that they have decided to open up to us and share their heart felt souls. As if telling their story through music the greatest artists show fans appreciation by responding to their questions. Mad Mozez might not be your favorite rapper YET. But he is all about staying connected with the fans.

Read along as we do a segment of Q and A with Mad Mozez himself.


 Jose Munoz - Do you have any other passions outside of music?
“I’m obsessed with ancient culture & I hope to be involved in human rights in future but at this point I just don’t know in which way. I believe that in the world we have too much of unnecessary suffering that can be stopped if we do the right things!”


Felicia Rodriquez - I just won a contest to help promote you. I thought it was awesome. I know your music is free for download but will there eventually be hard copies to buy?
“Well at this point I’m only doing free online mix tapes only but in future when I do full albums they'll be available in hard copies & all the other formats.”


Angel Ortega - How much time does it take to write a decent song. How much truth goes in to your lyrics?

“It basically takes me a week to make a complete song because I do everything myself. I don’t have a team to help me. If I had a mixing & recording engineer I can write a good song in just a couple of days. My music is pretty honest! If you listen to the track "Fall of a King" you'll hear me talk about the real me. But of course there’s some songs I make just for fun & they have nothing to do with my real life! Tracks like "All I Do Is" & "I Need Cash." But now that I have a decent amount of fans I feel like I can make more songs about the "real me" which you'll get to hear in future mix tape’s & albums.”


Brandon Spielberg - Can we see official music videos coming soon?
“Hopefully in near future but right now I just don’t have big enough budget to have a music video.”


Eddie Lopez - Are you a fan of Krizz Kaliko? If you could, would you consider having him do a hook for you?
“Oh yeah Krizz Kaliko is fire, I think he has a unique style!!! So if I could I would love it to have him on one of my songs.”


Paul Kirsch -What is your exact goal in music? I’ve read something on before but at what level of success will you be satisfied?
“I don’t need a million dollar contract or fame. For me it’s very simple as long as I can pay my bills by doing what I love to do. I’ll be the happiest guy in the world.”

Mad Mozez speaks on the Fans, Touring, and the Future

Mad Mozez now has a fan base that is consistently growing and he continues to get positive feedback about his music. Fans seem to have found their connection with it. Several times it has been stated that Mozez music is “real”.This is what is what people want to hear, the truth. What are Mad Mozez thoughts on this?

“This means the world to me! I love the feedback & I feel blessed to have such a great fan base.”

As a person who is into to music one of the great things to do is collab. Collaborating not only brings us great music from different types of artists but it also benefits each person involved helping to expand their fan base. Of course Mad Mozez fans want to know if he would consider working with other up and coming artists. When asked, he replied:

“Collabing with other artists is one of favorite things to do, I truly love it but the artist that I collab with at least have to be on a same level of lyricism as me because if the chemistry is right between the collaborating artist it’s like magic in the studio & a lot easier to make a great track.”

Alright Mad Mozez fans are starting to get hyped up listening to his music through the internet. We have been getting requests to see him live. When asked if we can expect to see him on the stage in the future this is how he responded:

“I have been dreaming of rocking the stage since I was a young kid. I would love to have my own tour one day but as of right now my fan base is not big enough to do show but at the same time my fan base is growing every day so hopefully in the future I can plan on some shows for all the fans.”

Of course when it comes down to it the fans will be responsible for which cities Mad Mozez stop on his tour. But as Tech N9ne will tell you he loves going to Seattle every artists has favorite cities that they dream of going to. Asked f he has a dream city Mad Mozez stated:

“Oh man I be California dreaming if you know what I mean! But it doesn’t matter which cities as long as crowds are fun & fans are supporting.”

Real music needs to be spread worldwide. For some it is easy to gain fans outside of their country. For others it comes easy or it just takes time. For Mad Mozez the wait was not long to gain a small fan base just North of us in Canada. So the question is, are you ready to travel outside the country for your fans? Mad Mozez responded:
“Hell ya, I would go to any county as long as the fans are there plus weed is legal in Canada!”
There you have it Mad Mozez fans! If you want to see the man himself live you must continue to support the movement and share his music with music lovers all around the world! There are no rest stops on the road to success. Mad Mozez will keep on pushing forward.

The fans Respond: What did we think of Ignorant?


 If you were to type in Mad Mozez on Facebook you would come across a fan page that was only created barely a month ago. I can assure you that slowly but surely this page is gaining fans and the number of likes continues to increase passed the century mark.

Not only are the fans finding good music but they are finding free music as well. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like the word“Free”? Especially when it is something as good as Ignorant, the new single released by Mad Mozez deemed to be his best work yet.
In today’s addition we invited the fans to share their thoughts on the new single as well as Mad Mozez as an overall artist.
Robby Rob“I like the song it’s what I like about music you know not to many punch lines but it’s the true words that draw my attention and his flow is dope... and I’d definitely like to hear more from him I’m a fan of Mad Mozez I support him all the way.”
Annie“It’s great and such a relief to hear someone who is talking about real shit. A lot of people judge a song based off the beat. With Mad Mozez it doesn’t matter how good or how bad the beat is, his words are fire. Ignorant is his best work to date.”
Jay“All I listen to is real music, I am very picky especially when someone is telling me oh a got a new track dropping and it’s going to be a banger. I tend to be skeptical. But Ignorant lived up to the hype, and more!”
CeCe“What did I think of Ignorant? That’s easy, I love it!”
Ignorant is something all music fans should listen to at least once. Guarantee you can’t deny that it is what defines real music. Mad Mozez is a raw, talented artists and he deserves the views as well as the fans. It is you who he does this for.
Listen to Ignorant now via YouTube.

Mad Mozez Set to Release Brand New Track for the Fans!
Mad Mozez has something brewing for all the fans that have been supporting his movement. If you have loved what you have heard so far then prepare for your mind to be blown. Coming soon from the young artist is a new track that is sure to keep the fans talking followed by some more unreleased music.
Why should we be excited? Let us ask Mad Mozez and see how he responds:
 “It’s my biggest single yet! Locally I had some really good reviews & everybody loves the track. Also this will be the last installment of my first mix tape Acknowledgement."
 Before you all get all apprehensive and anxious waiting for the track to drop, I promise you will not have to wait long! You can all expect the new single to release around Sept. 14th 2012.
 So what is this track about? Why should you all blindly be so interested? Well when I asked Mad Mozez to tell me a little bit about this track he replied:
 “This track represents my true style & unique art of lyricism that I love to bring to the game. Every artist has their own "swag" & this is a touch of my swag. Basically, this is me.”
 As fans we all tend to be a little greedy. We all get excited when a new single is dropping but we always want more, more, more! But do not worry because Mad Mozez assures you that the music will not stop coming.
 “My music will never stop. Even though this is the last installment of my first mix tape, after this track I’ll be dropping a new track almost every week.
I’m constantly making new music just to give my fans something new every week.”
 And the most important question of all. Is the new track going to be available for free download? We all love free things and Mad Mozez just happen to love to make all his fans happy.
 “You can download my complete mix tape on September 14 for free. There are a total of 11 tracks including "ignorant". All my mix tapes will be free to download.”
You can tell when an artist is in it for the fans and not the money when they make their music available for free. Let us all remember that the artists that are willing to give away their music for free just to make their fans happy are the artists worth spending your money on and supporting.

Behind the Lyrics Edition - Words of Mad Mozez


As Mad Mozez ascents the ladder of the rap game you can guarantee that he is leaving fans astonished with his word play. For many music is more than a beat, it is about connecting through the lyrics. In other words, when nobody understands you, music does.


Let us take a closer look behind the music of Mad Mozez. When he was asked which track he had the most fun working on this is how he responded:
 “My favorite track is Ignorant, I just had a lot of fun working on it & it was also the easiest to record just because the hook & the beat is so ill! I’m really satisfied with the outcome of the project.”
 All I Do is growing in popularity with the fans especially the ladies. When asked how he felt about this. Mad Mozez humbly replied:
 “I really appreciate the love & that’s the reason I do this. I’m not in it for the money or the fame.
I’m in it for the fans. After all we humans are needy we love to be loved!”

Of course with every upcoming artist fans are always curious to how they came about their “rap name”. Mad Mozez how did you come about your name?
 “The word "mad" in Mad Mozez does not mean angry. It means insane. In future releases I’ll be putting some dark tracks out which will explain the insanity of Mozez! "Lyrical insanity" & my nickname is Moses so I just basically changed the spelling to Mozez. "Moses has returned as Mad Mozez insane prophet, to save the game of hip hop."
  What can you tell us about the track Respect? What went behind writing that track (inspiration) and who is Unik?

 “In respect I wanted to show my respect& love for hip hop & the inspiration behind the track was the love for the art form of lyricism. The name "unik" is basically self-explanatory! He’s a unique artist with unique flow & style of delivery. Who I enjoyed working with.”

Let’s take a even deeper look behind the lyrics. Every song has a different meaning and everyone might interpret each song in their very own way, even if it is different from what the artist themselves intended for the song to mean. When asked what’s the message behind That’s When you Lost? Here is how Mad Mozez responded:
“It means don’t fuck with me lyrically. I have not shown my real lyrical talent yet but if I’m challenged the madness will come spilling out to lyrically destroy anyone who want to try!”

 The great thing about music is it creates a never ending quote book for fans, artists, and everyone a like to take their favorite lines and put them into use. Mad Mozez was asked, if you could quote any line from anyone of your songs. What would it be?
“Life is cheap & death is free fuck a masonic design I control my own destiny”
As Mozez Madness part 1 grows in popularity fans want to no more and more about it. We asked Mad Mozez to tell us about Mozez madness part 1 and if that means there is other parts to come?
 “Every mix tape will have a next part of Mozez Madness. Each part will be showing different styles of lyricism. I’m not sure yet to how many parts I will make but I’m sure it'll be an ongoing series.”

 We all know about Hurricane Katrina and as fans, we know that Mad Mozez lives in New Orleans. Mad Mozez has mentioned Katrina on a few different occasions. So Mad Mozez was asked how it affected him.
“As far as Hurricane Katrina, it has changed my life in a big way & also taught me a lot about what’s most important in life, unity, love, & family.”



We can all relate to what Mad Mozez is saying in some kind of way. We may not connect to the lyrics in the exact same way as everyone else. But that is how you separate good music from the rest. When everyone is able to take a simple song and find their own connection and their own translation to it as well as learn more about the artist on a personal level.

Who is Mad Mozez? Get to Know the Artist behind the Music.
Muhammad Adnan AKA Mad Mozez is a 25 year old aspiring rapper from New Orleans on the come up. He has been rapping “for fun” and “learning the art of rap” since he was just 11 years old. Just recently this year he decided to pursue rap on a professional level.
Upon being asked who and what has inspired Mad Mozez to rap and chase the “hip hop dream” he responded with the following.
“I am inspired by Nas, Damian Marley, Pink Floyd, and Tupac. My favorite albums are Stillmatic by Nas, Makaveli by Tupac, Me against the World by Tupac, and Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.”
With a list full of such enormity you can expect Mad Mozez to hold the same standard of precision when it comes to his own music.
The one constant similarity between an artist and a regular person like me is that we all have goals in life. As people, we all stride to reach greatness in our own way. So I asked Mozez three simple questions. What’s your main goal? Why do you do this? And what do you want to gain from this? Here is how he responded:
“I just want to make classics! I want to make something that people will listen to for a long time to come. Overall I want people to enjoy my music and I want to relate to fans on a personal level through my lyrics about my life and my stories.”
Every artist keeps a list of other artists that they would enjoy working with. Upon being asked who he would like to work with this is how Mozez answered:
“I would enjoy working with Nas, Damian Marley, Tech N9ne, and Bone Thugs ~ n ~ Harmony, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, and Kendrick Lamar.”
Now of course everyone knows about the constant debate over mainstream and underground hip hop and which is better or worst. Mad Mozez seemed to be neutral on the two.
“I love both mainstream and underground music. I know there is whack people on both sides but both sides still have a lot of good quality music.”

I wrapped up my interview with Mad Mozez by asking him one simple question. What makes you different from everyone else trying to make it in this hip hop game? He stated the following:
“Most of the people right now are basically rapping about the same things! I want to make lyrically smart & story telling songs. I’ve got an accent which makes me sound different & I’m probably the 1st Pakistani American rapper! & in the future I’ll be doing a lot of experimental rap songs which people are scared to do because they’re scared of losing fans! & there’s nothing wrong with that but I want to reach that next level especially with beats and experimental forms of arrangement of song recordings.”
Judging by his influences and the artists he aspires to work with you can tell that Mad Mozez can sense good music. So there is no doubting that his music is just as good and storytelling as the rest. Mad Mozez brings you an old school vibe mixed with a new age style of hip hop. He is nothing like you have heard and he is what the industry needs to get back on the right track.
For his fans he will be dropping free mix tapes and downloads will be available via his website at His official albums will be released when he finds his fans! It is up to you to listen, once you do guaranteed you will be hooked.



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